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Update about Vanagandr...
Before the release of "Storms of Empire" there was another album called “Felled Yew” that was shelved at that time, certain songs were part of the album “Storms of Empire” released in January 2023 in digital format through bandcamp from the band.

Songs have been recovered to release the complete and extended version of “Storms of Empire” which will contain new songs that were recorded in that same period along with the album “Felled Yew” in its original format.

Also included on the album “Felled Yew” will be the song “Telluric Storms” which was originally used on the release of the album “Howling Curses at Divinity's Throne” with an unedited mix as a bonus track as it was originally written and recorded in this period.

This is an update on Vanagandr's discography as there are several new songs that did not appear on “Storms of Empire” or the 2023 “Eternal Storms” compilation that are now grouped with their corresponding albums.

These versions (2024) are now available through our bandcamp in digital format, enjoy!
All 3 albums will be released in CD format later this year through the label, distributed and marketed by Ascension Records.

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•Felled Yew (2024)
1. The Vale of Wounds
2. Felled Yew Grimoir
3. Sundown Raids
4. Arrows Pierce the Veil of Mist
5. Telluric Storms (raw mix) (bonus)

•Storms of Empire (2024)
1. Vengeance of the Ancients
2. Grave Obsidian Relics
3. Keeping the Gates of Time
4. Outer Reflection (interlude)
5. Empire of the Moon
6. Primordial Void (instrumental)
7. Stormthrone
8. Thurses (outro)

•Eternal Storms (comp):
1. Hammers Aloft
2. Hall of Rotten Tears
3. Spectral Blood
4. Candle, Whip & Ruin
5. The Gleaming Sword
6. The Noctilith Crown
7. Estrangement & Catharsis
8. The Hallowed Lands
Official distribution of Dëath Postüre Records releases.
•Marthyrium - Beyond The Thresholds
•Nigrum- Elevenfold Tail
•Negativa - 04


The Covenant! Darkness & Death
México Tour 2024
Las bandas españolas Balmog y Atrexial estaran de gira por territorio Mexicano el próximo mes de marzo, donde estaran visitando las siguientes ciudades, además cerraran su gira con shows especiales en la primera edición del Misanthropic Ascension Festival.
23 Marzo | Saltillo
24 Marzo | Monterrey
27 Marzo | Cuernavaca
28 Marzo | Toluca
29 Marzo | Ciudad de Mexico
30,31 Marzo | Misanthropic Ascension Festival


Transmigration: Âmes Malades
México Tour 2024

Las bandas canadienses de black metal Trépas y Liminal Shroud se unen en esta mini gira previa a sus presentaciones en el Misanthropic Ascension Festival.

Pronto más información!!!

Ascension Records Booking Presents:
Y.A.h.W.E.h México Tour 2024

La banda de black metal HATS BARN llega a México por primera vez promocionando su ultimo album titulado Y.a.HW.e.h. acompañados de el acto ocultista Hyrgal, quienes ya preparan nuevo material discográfico.

•March 28 - Saltillo
•March 29 - León
•March 30/31 - San Luis Potosí
•April 3 - Ciudad de México
•April 4 - Puebla
•April 5 - Xalapa
•April 6 - Minatitlan
Insineratehymn - A Moment in a Vision
standar jewel case CD limited to 500 copies worldwide
distributed and marketed by Ascension Records.
Out during this winter, updates and more info of the release will be made known through our social networks.
Remastered album and will also have a new design in the cover art and layout CD.
Digital album via bandcamp here:
Insineratehymn - A Moment In A Vision
CD | Digital
Remastered album with new cover artwork.
Distributed and Marketed by Ascension Records
Cover by Evan Akira
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Birdcage Studios.
Pre-orders and more information soon, stay tuned

Ascension Records Booking Presents:
Y.A.h.W.E.h México Tour 2024
La banda black metal HATS BARN llega a México por primera vez promocionando su ultimo album titulado Y.a.HW.e.h. además con la participación otra banda internacional que si incluirá en la gira, el poster actualizado se anunciara en los próximos dias.
Hatsbarn tambien prepara una participación con un set especial para la primera edición del Misanthropic Ascension Festival
Pronto se a anunciaran las fechas, estén atentos!
Fechas Disponibles!! Más info a ( info[dot]ascensionrecords[at]gmail[dot]com )
The black metal band HATS BARN arrives in Mexico for the first time promoting their latest album titled Y.a.HW.e.h. In addition, with the participation of another international band that will be included in the tour.

Hatsbarn is also preparing a participation with a special set for the first edition of the Misanthropic Ascension Festival

Ascension Records is proud to announce that death metal titans Insineratehymn are joining our roster.
The band will re-release their debut album "A Moment in a Vision" later this winter in CD format via our sub-label Ancient Urn Records.
The album has been remastered, and will also have a new design in the cover art and layout Cd.
Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Insineratehymn has managed to position itself in the taste of underground extreme metal fans with its powerful death metal clearly influenced by classic bands from the 90s. The band released its second album in 2022 titled "Disembodied" through Blood Harvest Records in different formats and currently the band has been very active working on what will be their third studio album, in addition to doing shows in the United States and announcing their participation in some important festivals.
Insineratehymn, welcome to the Ascension Records family
Insineratehymn - A Moment in a Vision
1. Enigmatic Voyage
2. Caliginous Pneuma
3. Seeking Immortality
4. A Moment in a Vision
5. Terminal Existence
6. Putrid Hordes
7. Temple of Solitude
Cover by Evan Akira
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at Birdcage Studios.

Siguiente anuncio con bandas confirmadas para nuestra primera edición.
Next announcement with confirmed bands for our first edition.
Yellow Eyes (USA)
• Trenchant (USA)
The PIT Official (México) 
30 de Marzo, San Luis Potosi.
Pronto mas información sobre la venta de boletos.
Más bandas por anunciar......
Soon more information about ticket sales.
More bands to be announced......


New releases from our sublabels Throats Productions and Ancient Urn Records have already been shipped to our warehouse.
Available in the next few days!!!
Vanagandr - Howling Curses at Divinity's Throne
Vrykolakas - The Necromantic Revocation
Pre-orders will be sent out shortly.
Pics from the factory.


[English Below]
Primer anuncio de las bandas confirmadas para la primera edición de este festival enfocado en el metal underground internacional y nacional.
Balmog (España)
Echo Primordium (Estados Unidos)
Sacrocurse (Estados Unidos / Mexico)
30 de Marzo 2024
San Luis Potosi, Mexico
Lugar: Bunker 57
Pronto más información a cerca de boletos y detalles del festival.
Más bandas por anunciar......

First announcement of the confirmed bands for the first edition of this festival focused on international and national underground metal.
•Balmog (Spain)
•Echo Primordium (USA)
•Sacrocurse (USA / Mexico)
•Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni (Mexico)

March 30, 2024
San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Location: Bunker 57

Soon more information about tickets and details of the festival.
More bands to be announced......


[English Below]
Ascension Records se enorgullece en presentar al Misanthropic Ascension Festival I [2024].

El festival se llevará a cabo cada primavera y ofrecerá diversas experiencias arcanas, con énfasis en el black y death metal mexicano e internacional.

Pronto se anunciaran las primeras bandas participantes de la primera edición, nacionales e internacionales, asi como la información del lugar y venta de boletos.


ASCENSION RECORDS are proud to present Misanthropic Ascension Festival I [2024].

The festival will take place every spring and will offer multiple arcane experiences with a strong emphasis on Mexican and International black and death metal.

The first participating bands of the first edition, national and international, will be announced soon, as well as information on the venue and ticket sales.


Ascension Records is proud to announce the signing of Poland black metal act FLAMMAE.
Formed by the Polish drummer Nekrolyte (Doomslaughter) and Aahros on guitars and vocals (Petit Nuage Noir).
The band will release their debut album titled 'Ordo' later this year on CD/Digital via the label.
Release date and more info to be announce, stay tuned!

1.In Darkness It Is Born
2.Purification by Fire
3.Faded Sun
4.Servants of the Black Cult
5.The Oath
Cover Artwork by Toten Art


We are proud to welcome PETIT NUAGE NOIR to our roster.
The Polish black metal project will release their first full length album "Among The Graves" later this year via our sub-label Throats Productions on CD and Digital format.
Distributed and Marketed by Ascension Records.
The album release is scheduled to be available sometime in late fall.
Formed in 2022 and hailing from Poland, a country with a reputation for excellent black metal.
The album comprises of 7 tracks with a total runtime of 27 minutes and 21 seconds of fast and raw black metal.
1. I Am Nothing
2. On the Trail of Satan
3. Cult of Lies
4. Echoes of Eternal
5. Oblivion and Decay
6. Wolf of Black Metal
7. On the Other Side
Updates and more info will be made known through official sites of Ascension Records


THEBES - Ziggurat Beyond The Unseen Shroud
Digisleeve CDs finally in stock!
Shipping out all preorders tomorrow.
New release through our sub-label Throats Productions


Distro Update, Shipping Worldwide!
•Rotting Grave / Leprophiliac ‎– Profecías De Condenación Y Carroña [CD]
•Esus In Tenebris - Chamber of Shadows [CD / MC]
•Archurahl - Albtraum [CD]
•Withermoon - A Testament to Our Will [CD/MC]
•Undertomb - The Returns of Fallen [LP]
•Retrofaith - The Horror Has Risen from the Tomb [CD]
•Grimtone - Hymner till doden [MC]
•Thaumaturgy ‎– Charnel Gnosis [CD]
•Thaumaturgy - Tenebrous Oblations [CD]
•Vile Haint - Ol’ Hatchie Haint [LP]
•Morbus Grave ‎– Abomination [CD]
•Premature Burial – The Obsolete [CD]
•Gravavgrav ‎– Graveyard 2021 Demo + Live + Reh [CD]
•VEXILLA REGIS PRODEUNT INFERNI - Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni: 2011-2019 [DIGI CD]
•Cathartic – Through The Abysmal Gates Of Subconscious [CD / DIGI CD / A5 DIGI CD]
•APOTEMNOFOBIA - Putrid Passages From Cadaveric Tales[CD]
•Cathartic - Ceremonial Resurrection [LP]


Echo Primordium - Ex Aether
CDs finally in stock, pre-orders will be shipped shortly, the shirts will take a little longer to be available, stay tuned.
BRUXISM Official Video

New official merchandise of Sepulchral Rift is available for PRE-ORDER.
"Void Sorcery" & "Abyssal Manifestations" Commemorative T-shirts
•Limited to 50 prints each
•Sizes [S, M, L, XL] XXL only in pre-order.
Also (CD+TS) strictly limited to 30 bundles for each model. [Exclusively through the store on bandcamp]
Get yours here 
Bandcamp Store here 


Pre-orders for Venereal Baptism's "Reap the Reviled" have started.
Pressed as a Standard Jewel Case CD with 12-Page Booklet with lyrics and illustrrations.
Limited Edition to 500 Copies Worldwide
Digital album out on March 17th and April 21th on CD format. New merchandise to be announce.

Pre-order CD:


VENEREAL BAPTISM - Venom Of God [Track Premiere]
Track taken of the upcoming album "Reap the Reviled" to be released by Ascension Records.


Dear customers and fans, we want update information about of our pending releases are some already in the manufacturing process.
The cds that will be released through Ancient Urn Records, [Vrykolakas - The Necromantic Revocation] y [Abraded - Unadulterated Perversity] will be available soon.
At Throats Productions, the cds of [THEBES - Ziggurat Beyond The Unseen Shroud] will be available in the next few days, [Vanagandr - Howling Curses at Divinity's Throne] in the process of being manufactured. The new Vanagandr album will be out later this year, the repress [MALUM - Crowned With The Serpent Sun] is also being prepared and finally the release of [HOMSELVAREG - Rinascita] this year.
Meanwhile, at Ascension Records we have announced the new release of [ Venereal Baptism - Reap the Reviled] which will be available this spring, the first single will be announced tomorrow.[Echo Primordium - Ex Aether] cds will be available in upcoming days.
Preorders of [LVA - In Lvmine Ignis Vestri] cassettes will be sent out soon, thanks for your endless patience!!!!
We have also announced pre-orders for [Sepulchral Rift "Void Sorcery" & "Abyssal Manifestations" (Reissue)]
Soon we will make an announcement about the official merchandise!
Ascension Records and sub-labels calendar is practically closed for this 2023, so we will not be receiving new submission demos this year.


Sepulchral Rift "Void Sorcery" & "Abyssal Manifestations" (Reissue) are available for preorder now!
SEPULCHRAL RIFT - Abyssal Manifestations [MCD]
Abyssal Manifestations
Commemorative merchandise will be announced soon, stay tuned!


ABRADED - Unadulterated Perversity
It is already available in Youtube channel and bandcamp of our sub-label Ancient Urn Records as well as on digital platforms.
Pre-orders for the CD and new official merchandise will be announced soon!
Enjoy and Share!


Venereal Baptism reveals the cover art for what will be their new album titled "Reap the Reviled", which will be released during this spring on CD format.
The band will release the track premiere titled "Venom of God" on February 1st.
Don't miss out, stay tuned.

1.Reap the Reviled
2.Venom of God [Track Premiere]
3.Black Goat Kvlt Psalm
4.Molested Carnal Offerings
5.Scorge of Servitude
6.Thy Kingdoms Burn

Drums recorded at La Nave Studio, December 2020
Mixed and mastered by Tide Studio October 2020


Ascension Records is proud to announce the signing of Venereal Baptism! Texans black death metal outfit will release their new mini-album titled "Reap the Reviled" via the label this spring on CD/Digital format, plus new official merchandise.
Venereal Baptism returns after 3 years since of the release of their second album "Repugnant Coronation of the Beast" now with this new EP. A brutal avalanche of perverse black death metal mayhem, as they have identified themselves.
Currently the band is preparing a tour with the French ANTILIFE in different cities of the Mexican territory for the month of May.
A few years have passed since in 2016 the band released their debut EP "Progenitor of all Aberrations" through our sub-label Throats Productions they return home for this new mini-album studio.
More info coming soon, stay tuned!!!!


Special News!
While Vanagandr's "Howling Curses at Divinity's Throne" is in the process of being released, we are proud to announce that our sub-label Throats Productions will release this pagan black metal entity's new opus, entitled "Storms of Empire" on CD format later this year.

"Storm of Empire" is now available on digital platforms.

You can support the bands directly from the bandcamp. ENJOY!!

More info soon, stay tuned!


Sepulchral Rift will release their first full length album titled "Void Sorcery" via the label as well as the reissue of their debut EP "Abyssal Manifestations" (with alternative color layout) on CD/Digital formats, also commemorative merchandise later this winter/early spring.
Both releases will be limited editions to 500 copies.
More information about distributors and pre-orders will be announced soon, stay tuned!
Sepulchral Rift is a band out of Sweden that formed in 2018.
The entity is clearly a great example of how to mix black and death metal in these times, exuding terror, anger and brutality in each of their compositions.
Highly recommended for fans of bands like Altarage, DSKNT, Guðveiki, Lvcifyre, Ulcerate, Musmahhu etc.

1. Praescitum
2. Wraiths of Blight
3. Ascension in Devilry
4. Temple Pits
5. Deathless Shroud
6. Vortex of Necromanticism

1. Epitaphium (Profanation Oath)
2. Altar of Funereal Incarnation
3. Maledictum (Ascending Void)
4. Invoking the Eclipse of Shekhinah


Ceremonial Decay - The Crescent and The Cross
Pre-orders will be shipped shortly!
Release vía our sub-label Ancient Urn Records.
Get your copy 👇

▶️ Bandcamp



in Bandcamp Store.
Use code: [ wintersale30 ]
Until December 31.
Links below👇


We are proud to announce that ADRADED joins our list.
Ohio death metal madness, will release their second full-length album through our Ancient Urn Records sub-label in early 2023 on CD and Digital, also Official Merchandise.
Distributed and Marketed by Ascension Records.
The first single, the title track, will be streaming on all services 12/12.
Stay Tuned!


•CD Pressed as a Standard Jewel Case
with 4-Page Booklet.
Limited Edition to 500 Copies Worldwide
•Official T-shirt
Limited to 50 prints
Sizes [S, M, L, XL]
XXL only in pre-order.
Out December 16, 2022.