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ABRADED - Unadulterated Perversity [PRE-ORDER][CD]

ABRADED - Unadulterated Perversity [PRE-ORDER][CD]

Pressed as a Standard Jewel Case CD
4-Page Booklet Featuring Lyrics, Photo and Illustrations.
Limited Edition to 500 Copies Worldwide
Death Metal, Gridcore (USA)
Release by Ancient Urn Records

Updates and more info of the release will be made known through our social networks.

01. Unadulterated Perversity
02. Nothing Left To Lose
03. Putrefying Cunnilinguis 0
04. The Hillsnatch
05. Capricious Anamnesis
06. They Die
07. Ontologically Recapitulated Phylogenesis
08. Forced Inoculation
09. Hide
10. Archetypal Emanations
11. Noxious Fumes