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VRYKOLAKAS - The Necromantic Revocation [CD][PRE-ORDER]

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VRYKOLAKAS - The Necromantic Revocation [CD][PRE-ORDER]

Pressed as a Standard Jewel Case CD
8-Page Booklet Featuring Lyrics, Photo and Illustrations.
Limited Edition to 500 Copies Worldwide
Death Metal (Singapore)
Release by Ancient Urn Records
To pre-order, go to the STORE in this link

1.The Necromantic Evocation
2.Thy Lord Vrykolakas
3.Baptism To Beelzebub
4.Blasphemous Womb Spawn
5.Perverse Lust Necrophiliac
6.Darker Than The Occult
7.Nocturnal Demons Of Death